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FTND Street Team Kit

Sold Out

Become the movement by joining our Street Team! With the all-new Street Team action kit, you will have everything you need to spread the message and rep the movement in your city. Being a Street Team Fighter not only gets you all these exclusive items that can't be found separately in our store, but makes you one of our foot soldiers for the cause!

The Action Kit includes:
  • 1 Exclusive Porn Kills Love/Fight For Love tee
  • 2 Fighter Guides/Large Fold-Out Posters
  • 50 Handout Cards
  • 3 Small Porn Kills Love Stickers
  • 3 Small Fight For Love Stickers
  • 3 Bumper Stickers
  • 2 Exclusive Wristbands
  • Exclusive Porn Kills Love/Fight For Love cloth tote

Tee printed on Next Level, see sizing chart. 

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