About FTND

Fight the New Drug is dedicated to raising awareness of the harmful effects of pornography.

We structure our organization into four program:

Media Program:

Here is where we creatively develop all of the tools necessary in order to push this movement forward. This includes all
graphics, videos, publications, web material and social media.

Mobilization Program:

We seek to provide the infrastructure necessary in order to empower our followers to spread the message themselves. Our followers  are not passive observers but rather active social changers. 

Recovery Program:

As we spread the message on how pornography is harmful, we  have discovered thousands of teens who are struggling with its damaging effects. Our recovery program seeks to educate these young people on the science behind their addiction and then empower them with the knowledge and tools necessary to break free from pornography’s destructive power.

Protection Program:

In spreading the message of how pornography is harmful we have also felt that it is our duty to provide adequate Internet protection and education for parents on how to protect their young children. (Internet Filter coming January 2014)