'Porn Is To Trafficking'



"Porn Is To Trafficking As Cigarettes Are To Cancer." 

There was a time when society thought that smoking was healthy. At one point the tobacco industry even had doctors promoting cigarettes, but eventually science caught up with truth, and we now know that smoking negatively impacts health, and even fuels lung cancer. Paralleling what happened with tobacco, the porn industry is now promoting pornography as something that is healthy, despite all of the research proving that porn can be harmful to individuals, relationships, and society.

Porn fuels the demand for sex trafficking. This bold tee features a powerful message that illustrates the close correlation between porn and sex trafficking. Grab a tee. Change the world. #StopTheDemand

Printed on Next Level, see sizing chart.

When you purchase merchandise from us, you help us fight for love. As a nonprofit, we use the proceeds from your purchase to educate others and mobilize this movement.

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